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Edge AI refers to the implementation of artificial intelligence in an edge computing environment.

By bringing processing power closer to the edge, applications need less internet bandwidth, greatly reducing networking costs.


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Skills Shortage

The UK faces a skills shortage in the IT and software development coding market leading to high wages, project delays, and hindering the digital advancement of numerous organizations.

Investing in the Future

API Industries is establishing a UK Center of Excellence for software development, specializing in UX and CX coding. Collaborating with higher education and universities, we are attracting top talent to our organization to acquire, retain, and nurture key personnel.

using the right channels

We have partnered with a prominent IT professor from a major university to empower talent and foster growth within our work environment. Our successful case studies demonstrate individuals who started with us, developed their skills, and advanced their careers in leading global organizations.

About Us


API Industries is 20 years in the making with a full dev opps. team of full-time UK-based engineers. Full stack, front-end developers with UX and CX capabilities. Integration and outsourcing services for Carriers, Service Providers, MSP's and MSSP's for efficiency and development of service models.

Communities of Interest

Software development to create enhanced service packs and customer interfaces for a 360 view of the clients. Enhancement and integration into Enterprise Class ERP, SAP, IBM and Oracle Business models.

Our Service

Ability to provide customisable data sets and API-Edge AI in software-to-software and Autonomous AI in software-to-hardware configurations in application software architecture. A world-class design and algorithm that supports the API-Integrator in key markets for Healthcare, Property, Food Labelling and Financial Services (Fintech).